Suliac Blineau

Game Programmer

About Me

A passionate network programmer

Currently I'm working for Ubisoft Annecy as network programmer on a Triple-A project.

After several years of studying and working in computer science, I chose to specialize myself in game programming at National school of Game and Digital Interactive Media (ENJMIN). The game industry is a very fascinating field as it's mix so differents skills (art, sound design, game design...) and I always wanted to be part of it. Being organized and above all enthusiastic, I really want to learn and to invest myself into this world.

I'm passionate about video games but I also enjoy running. I have already run some 10KM and Half-marathons, my next challenge will be to run a marathon and finish the line!

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My Projects

Things that I work on.

[WIP] Peak : glide & fight boss (Unity)

Peak is a glide game combining an arcade style racing and a boss fight. As a hunter, you have to chase gigantic corrupted monsters with […]

Unnecessary Evil : puzzle game (Unity) – Ludum Dare 43

Theme : Sacrifice must be made. Sacrifice your friends to move forwards! In each level, guide the characters towards the exit. Some can die on […]

Project Deus : MMO Hack’n slash (C++ / C# / Unity)

Project Deus is an hack’n slash/rogue-like game you can play with several dozens of players. It’s one of the most complex game I worked on. […]

EGO : narrative VR game (Unity/SteamVR)

Live an experience in VR in a dystopian universe where you will learn more about yourself! Surpass your capacities through tests to find the place […]

Abyssum : Shoot’em up (Unity)

Abyssum is a 2D horizontal shoot them up, playable locally by 4 players. Players can earn points by either hitting or killing enemies, but lose […]

MyNecraft : Minecraft-like (C++ & OpenGL)

MyNecraft is a Minecraft-like game. It’s a school project made to introduce physics, procedural generation and OpenGL. We had a base project and had to […]

Dungeon Generator : Procedural generation (Unity)

Detail of a generated dungeon.   This project is a school project. The purpose is to generate a dungeon procedurally with like-shaped rooms : we […]

WonderTsum : puzzle game (Unity) – LudumDare 40

Help Wonder Tsum to reach the end of the puzzles. Make it grow, but not too much. Divide it when you have to. Don’t worry, […]

Heavy Brain : two-player puzzle (Unity & UNet) – GlobalGameJam 2018

Heavy Brain is a two-player puzzle / exploratory game . Play as either a cop on the field or a remote operator. Find the hints, […]

Cake Arena : multiplayer FPS (Unity & UNet)

Cake Arena is a multiplayer FPS online. You have to find weapons and ammos to kill other players. All the objects falls randomly from the […]

Licht : horror game (Unity) – AsylumJam 2017

Licht is a horror game developped for the AsylumJam 2017. You play as an engineer responsible for checking the operation of a submarine base before […]

Space Shooter (C# XNA)

Space shooter is one of my very first games. It’s a very simple shooter where you need to destroy some asteroids. When you shoot and […]