Help Wonder Tsum to reach the end of the puzzles. Make it grow, but not too much. Divide it when you have to.

Don’t worry, it won’t get hurt ! If you’re stuck, just retry !



This game was made in 72h with Unity for the LudumDare 40.

My tasks were :

– Participation in game conceptualization
– Gameplay programming: creation of the in-game pickups (Trap, doors, cookies, mushrooms…), UI and level design integration
– Sound integration: integrate the work of our sound designer (FMOD).


We were a team of 7 people :

– Game Designers : Nicolas Noël, Malo Dalmier
– 2D Artist : Solène Larcher
– Programmers : Suliac Blineau, François Candela
– Sound Designer : Aurelien Demey
– Producer : Aymeric Manceau


Download the game :