Abyssum is a 2D horizontal shoot them up, playable locally by 4 players.
Players can earn points by either hitting or killing enemies, but lose some if they die.
Pickups spread throughout the level can be used to push other players into projectiles and enemies.
The goal of the game is to get the highest score possible by the end of the level.


This game was made in 1.5 Months and with Unity.

My tasks were :
– Participation in game conceptualization
– Gameplay programming: creation of the items, creation of the enemies and their AI, victory conditions and animations, UI
– Sound integration: integrate the work of our sound designer (WWise)
– Spritesheets integration

We were a team of 10 people :

– Game Designers : Eva Abollivier, Guillaume Dufour, Thomas Rodriguez
– Graphists : Marine Furlan, Solène Larcher
– UX/UI Designer : Gaston Robert
– Programmers : Ugo Belfiore, Suliac Blineau
– Sound Designer : Marie-Valentine David
– Producer : Victor Cottineau


Download the game : https://victor-cottineau.itch.io/abyssum