Suliac Blineau

Game Programmer

Licht : horror game (Unity) – AsylumJam 2017

Licht is a horror game developped for the AsylumJam 2017.

You play as an engineer responsible for checking the operation of a submarine base before the arrival of the team of researchers who will use it. You have to fix an electricity problem in one of the rooms and you make a macabre discovery on the way. The rescue team will take some time to reach you and strange leaks require your attention, threatening to flood the base. However, this isn’t only one of the threats you will have to face.


My tasks were :
• Participation in game conceptualization
• Gameplay programming : Camera, player moves & interactions with environnement
• 2D integration (Decors)


We were a team of 13 people :

– Producer : Raphaël Isnard
– Graphists : Romain Navazo, Eugénie Goube, Jeremy Philips, Meghan Martin
– Developper : Suliac Blineau, Thibault Baron, Thomas Francisco
– Sound Designer : Marc Enciso, Robin Richard
– Game Designer : Alison Pernet, Eva Abollivier, Margot Mathieu


Download the game :

Space Shooter (C# XNA)

Space shooter is one of my very first games. It’s a very simple shooter where you need to destroy some asteroids. When you shoot and asteroid, it divides in two small parts. Each level is faster than the previous one and you have to survive as long as possible. When your game is over, if you are in the top 10, you can enter your nickname : Your Highscore is saved in the Leaderboard. You can also change your controls.

This game was made in C# with the XNA Framework, in 2014.