Suliac Blineau

Game Programmer

[WIP] Peak : glide & fight boss (Unity)

Peak is a glide game combining an arcade style racing and a boss fight. As a hunter, you have to chase gigantic corrupted monsters with your windsurf to extract their core and survive.


As the project is ongoing, any information or document found on this page may not reflect the actual state of the game, and may be subject to change.

We are a team of 11 people :

– Game Designers : Malo Dalmier, Val Isautier,  Thomas Rodriguez
– 3D Artists : Lise Sourlier, Meghan Martin
– UX/UI Designer : Gaston Robert
– Programmer : Jordan Bas, Suliac Blineau, Valentin Legeay
– Sound Designer : Marc Enciso
– Producer : Victor Cottineau

Unnecessary Evil : puzzle game (Unity) – Ludum Dare 43

Theme : Sacrifice must be made.

Sacrifice your friends to move forwards!

In each level, guide the characters towards the exit. Some can die on the way, but as long as the leader (Glark) reaches the exit, you can access the next level. But be careful, if you decide to go to the next level, any character who didn’t enter the exit will be left behind.

Alternate control between five characters in this puzzle-platformer. Choose wich character to sacrifice to overcome the obstacles in your way!

This game was made in 72h with Unity for the LudumDare 43.

My tasks were :
– Participation in game conceptualization
– Gameplay programming: player interactions, manage the end of levels and load next level, UI/Menu…
– Sound integration: integrate the work of our sound designer.

We were a team of 5 people :

– Game Designer : Eva Abollivier
– Artist : Emmanuel Boureau
– Programmers : Suliac Blineau, Alfred Brisac
– Sound Designer : Korantin Marchand

Download the game :

Project Deus : MMO Hack’n slash (C++ / C# / Unity)

Project Deus is an hack’n slash/rogue-like game you can play with several dozens of players. It’s one of the most complex game I worked on.

The game is a classic hack’n slash (like Diablo, Path of Exile…) : you see your character from the top, have to click to move and press keys to launch spells.

Each new game, you are put in a room and have to kill all the monsters. When you clear the level, you are teleported in a new one harder and so on. The goal of the game is to finish the most levels you can. When all the team die, you return to the lobby and can start a new game from zero.

You can play with as many friends as you want and the game adapts itself the difficulty.

I am currently working on this project with Gaston Robert and I’m doing all the programming part of the project.

Technical Informations

The game works with a client-server architecture. The server is made with C++ and the client with C# and Unity.

The client is a little bit special as it’s made in 2 parts : a pure core client Dll in C# and the Unity part that loads the Dll.
This architecture allows me to use Unity only as a plugable renderer and to create easily console clients for debug and test purpose.

As we are using Unity only to render the game, we had to manage all the communication between server and clients. That’s mean encapsulate the Winsock API, create a basic UDP protocol (reliable but not ordered), create our serialization system to make clients (in C#) and the server (in C++) communicate nicely, etc… The game is using TCP for all non-realtime communications and UDP for the realtime ones.

To make the game work with more than a few player, we had to implement network optimisations techniques. We worked hard on dealing with Interest Management, or lag compensation technique such as the local-lag (and a little bit Dead Reckoning) with timelines. You can find more technical information in this article (currently only in french) :

This game is an experimentation so it’s not perfect and we are currently working on it. More pictures are about to come !

You can find the project on Github :
– Server :
– Client :

EGO : narrative VR game (Unity/SteamVR)

Live an experience in VR in a dystopian universe where you will learn more about yourself!

Surpass your capacities through tests to find the place which corresponds to you within the society. The EGO CORP. institute will accompany you step by step in the discovery of your identity.

The game is a narrative experience with puzzles and multiple endings in VR.

This game was made in 3 Months with Unity and the SteamVR SDK. On this project I was the only one programmer.

My tasks were :

– Participation in game conceptualization
– Gameplay programming: make the VR works, creation of the interaction in VR between player and environment (the player holds objects and can throw them, there are events to trigger, etc.) and integration of the levels.
– Sound integration: integrate the work of our sound designer (WWise)

Here is the trailer :

We were a team of 6 people :

– Game Designer : Gweltaz Crequer
– 3D Artist : Michel Cougnaud
– UX/UI Designer : Gaston Robert
– Programmer : Suliac Blineau
– Sound Designer : Marie-Valentine David
– Producer : Emmanuelle Gousset


Here is a walkthrough of the game :


Download the game (HTC Vice required) :

Abyssum : Shoot’em up (Unity)

Abyssum is a 2D horizontal shoot them up, playable locally by 4 players.
Players can earn points by either hitting or killing enemies, but lose some if they die.
Pickups spread throughout the level can be used to push other players into projectiles and enemies.
The goal of the game is to get the highest score possible by the end of the level.


This game was made in 1.5 Months and with Unity.

My tasks were :
– Participation in game conceptualization
– Gameplay programming: creation of the items, creation of the enemies and their AI, victory conditions and animations, UI
– Sound integration: integrate the work of our sound designer (WWise)
– Spritesheets integration

We were a team of 10 people :

– Game Designers : Eva Abollivier, Guillaume Dufour, Thomas Rodriguez
– Graphists : Marine Furlan, Solène Larcher
– UX/UI Designer : Gaston Robert
– Programmers : Ugo Belfiore, Suliac Blineau
– Sound Designer : Marie-Valentine David
– Producer : Victor Cottineau


Download the game :

Dungeon Generator : Procedural generation (Unity)

Detail of a generated dungeon.


This project is a school project. The purpose is to generate a dungeon procedurally with like-shaped rooms : we need a start room, enemies rooms, a boss’s room, an ending room and the rooms of keys/bonus (Like in the Binding of Isaac).

The generated donjon is cut in several levels which require a key to reach it (recoverable in a room of key).

Inspired by the work of Calvin Ashmore ( 53/16823/ashmore-thesis.pdf), we keep track of the intensity of our rooms to place key’s room where the tension is the higher.

We also generate procedurally the content of rooms by using a generative grammar to control a little bit the creation.

These rooms are cut in grid of 5×5 cells which can have the type : Empty, enemy, bonus or obstacle.

Finally all cells in front of doors are empty, so the player is not blocked when he/she enter in a new room. We also want that there is always a path to reach the next rooms.

The two big parts of my work are the generation of donjon and the contents of rooms.


detail of a generated room



Pattern Generator created in Unity


Sources :

WonderTsum : puzzle game (Unity) – LudumDare 40

Help Wonder Tsum to reach the end of the puzzles. Make it grow, but not too much. Divide it when you have to.

Don’t worry, it won’t get hurt ! If you’re stuck, just retry !



This game was made in 72h with Unity for the LudumDare 40.

My tasks were :

– Participation in game conceptualization
– Gameplay programming: creation of the in-game pickups (Trap, doors, cookies, mushrooms…), UI and level design integration
– Sound integration: integrate the work of our sound designer (FMOD).


We were a team of 7 people :

– Game Designers : Nicolas Noël, Malo Dalmier
– 2D Artist : Solène Larcher
– Programmers : Suliac Blineau, François Candela
– Sound Designer : Aurelien Demey
– Producer : Aymeric Manceau


Download the game :

Heavy Brain : two-player puzzle (Unity & UNet) – GlobalGameJam 2018

Heavy Brain is a two-player puzzle / exploratory game . Play as either a cop on the field or a remote operator.

Find the hints, share intel (orally) in order to stop and kill a bomb terrorist ( before he kills you ).

This game was made in 36 hours with Unity and Unet(for network communications).

My tasks :
– Participation in game conceptualization
– Gameplay programming : player (cop), camera (cop), manage multiplayer communication (UNet), News behavior : drag’n drop etc (remote operator) …

Cops view

Cops view

Remote operator view (2nd player)


We were a team of 6 people :

– Game Designers : Maxime Besnard, Guillaume Dufour, Nathalie Jonquet
– Graphists : Antonin Demeilliez
– Programmers : Suliac Blineau, Gaston Robert
– Sound Designer : Gaston Robert


Download the game :

Cake Arena : multiplayer FPS (Unity & UNet)

Cake Arena is a multiplayer FPS online. You have to find weapons and ammos to kill other players. All the objects falls randomly from the sky. There are zombies that defend resources. You can run or fight but they kill you with only one hit. To find your way on the island, you have a minimap. The first player to reach 5 frags win the game !

This game was made with Unity and UNet (for the network communication).

I was alone on this project, it’s a school project. The main purpose of this project was to try the Unet and make one of my first game with network communication!

Here is a little trailer (in french) :

Here is a gameplay video :

Sources :

Licht : horror game (Unity) – AsylumJam 2017

Licht is a horror game developped for the AsylumJam 2017.

You play as an engineer responsible for checking the operation of a submarine base before the arrival of the team of researchers who will use it. You have to fix an electricity problem in one of the rooms and you make a macabre discovery on the way. The rescue team will take some time to reach you and strange leaks require your attention, threatening to flood the base. However, this isn’t only one of the threats you will have to face.


My tasks were :
• Participation in game conceptualization
• Gameplay programming : Camera, player moves & interactions with environnement
• 2D integration (Decors)


We were a team of 13 people :

– Producer : Raphaël Isnard
– Graphists : Romain Navazo, Eugénie Goube, Jeremy Philips, Meghan Martin
– Developper : Suliac Blineau, Thibault Baron, Thomas Francisco
– Sound Designer : Marc Enciso, Robin Richard
– Game Designer : Alison Pernet, Eva Abollivier, Margot Mathieu


Download the game :